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Vehicle Graphics


Wonder why a business would wrap a vehicle? It’s about exposure, branding and doing everything possible to keep their business in front of as many prospective and existing customers as possible. This is particularly true in tough economical times.

The vehicle you wrap will be driven every day in the areas that you do business. You will park your vehicle in front of customer’s homes and business; you will drive the same route like a moving billboard. You will park it in malls and high traffic areas on a daily basis. It will work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

So let’s assume you’ve decided that wrapping a vehicle is right for your business. Now what? Well it starts with finding a company that can proper handle four elements: Design, Production, Installation & Proper customer service. If one of these elements is missing you are likely in for a frustrating experience.


Nothing is worse than a cluttered wrap that says too much. It really defeats everything. A good wrap is clean, simple, and tells the story quickly. Images draw attention to the wrap and instantly explain what you offer. Your name or brand is then clearly seen and your web and/or telephone give the customer what they need to make the next step. Consider that a moving wrap is seen for about three seconds so how much information can you get across. Also consider that while a wrap is “creative” it should be used to “direct” potential customers to your website or business where you can tell them a larger story.


Now that you’ve got a great design you will need a partner who understands outdoor media. There are many different printers on the market today designed for different applications. We use a true solvent printer using robust inks. The press operator is trained with color profiling to get good color and minimal artifacts common in digital printing. The material will be designed for wraps and have either a proper liquid or film laminate applied for durability. Our expert team has proper knowledge of material drying time as well as ink saturation.


Here’s the most critical point in the wrap process and it’s not price. You can do everything right and if you get the wrong installer you will be back to square one.

Without a doubt this is the most difficult part of the process. Think about it. The operator will take pieces of a giant sticker and attempt to apply this to your vehicle in panels so that the end result is a wrap free of bubbles & wrinkles. Having said this, your expectations will also play into the installation.


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