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A well-documented study by Google Research shows website visitors make a judgement of your company in less than .05 seconds based on aesthetics alone! A well-designed site conveys power, respect and knowledge.

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

Ok, so now you will have the best-looking site with an image that delivers a strong message to potential clients. The question to ask now is, can people find it? If you have a flashy boutique at the end of a dead end street, no one will find you and buy anything unless you point the way. We use 4 simple steps towards great search ranking:

  • Keywords: we help you find the exact keywords your clients are searching to find your product or service
  • Content Development: we will help you create pages which are dense in keywords which fit your chosen keyword at step 1.
  • Traffic Analysis: we set up a google analytics link on your seb site which gives you up to the minute traffic reporting on your site’s performance. You can follow how many clients look at your web site and monitor where they click.
  • Social Media: we create a link to social medias, often on Facebook or Twitter to make it easy for your visitors to LIKE you.

Mobile Friendly

Now more than ever it is important to have a mobile-friendly website for consumers to easily find and contact your business. More than 30% of online searches for local businesses are mobile searches on smartphones and tablets, and it is forecasted that mobile searches will pass desktop searches by the end of 2014. Not only is smartphone ownership way up in Canada, users are getting increasingly addicted to their mobile devices, suggests a new report released by Google. Based on online surveys with 1,000 Canadians earlier this year, the report estimates that 56 percent of adults were using a smartphone, up from 33 percent in early 2012. About 8 in 10 smartphone owners said they don't leave home without their mobile device. And two-thirds of them said they had used their phone every day in the past week.


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