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Promotional Items


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As one might expect, the main type of promotional object is wearables, accounting for 28.9% of all items custom manufactured for promotions. It is followed by bags at 8.7%, writing instruments 8.6% and drinkware 7.1%. These sales figures are in line with marketing studies that indicate that for the general consumer, wearable and writing instruments are the most commonly recalled promotional products. When you think of a promotional product, what is the first thing that comes to your mind. In my case it’s pen, because I spend a lot of time writing information. For most people, they can mostly recall a piece of clothing such as the Fedex guy’s shirt with the popular company logo.

Perhaps you know exactly what would work best to promote your business, in that case we know how to get it to you fast and at a great price point. However if like most business owner you don’t know for sure and you need ideas, visit the Promotional Objets page on our web site. It has current specials, most popular items, specialty objects and a search box. The search box for example is an awesome tool to see if an item exists, and you get the price estimate right away, allowing you to strategically select the perfect item.

Once you have selected the item, our graphic design team will prepare the file to the exact specifications for manufacturing. Our team has the current tools to make the design match your perfect object with the perfect customized graphics you need to make an impact. 

Anticipate the coming events and start planning in August for annual calendars and post cards. It’s the perfect time to plan ahead while taking advantage of the best prices. Despite the proliferation of electronic devices, traditional calendars, planners and diaries are as popular as ever. People still have a need to reference dates quickly and write plans on paper. As a promotional tool, there is no better product than a calendar for daily visibility throughout the year. Research shows there is an average of 3.12 paper calendars in every household; 75% of all households depend on a kitchen calendar.

Shirts and Caps

Let your customers or employees wear their loyalty on their sleeves... or their wrists, or their heads. With quality custom t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, and other apparel from Studio Sl2, you can make your logo a fashion statement that you and your team can wear with pride.

Mugs & Drinkware

Let the praise flow when you reward customers with promotional mugs and drinkware from Studio. On desks, in cars, in break rooms, and in conference rooms, imprinted mugs and custom water bottles are among the most highly visible promotional items around. Put that visibility to use for your brand with our wide assortment of drinkware, featuring premium-quality imprinting.

Pens & Writing Instruments

Who doesn't love a great pen? In pockets, in briefcases, in backpacks and purses, people take them everywhere—and when you give them a good one, they feel rewarded. Make a lasting impression in more ways than one with custom pens, pencils, and other writing tools from Studio. Choose from our extensive selection to find an option that fits your budget, clientele, and your business' own unique personality.


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