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Graphic Design


Everywhere you turn, people are talking about design. It’s been hailed as the core ingredient to the success of everything from ad campaigns, to products, to entire companies. We can thank Steve Jobs (among many others) for this design-focused renaissance. He trained consumers to expect things that not only look great, but are designed to “make sense,” and create experiences that are, in his words, “magical”. Great design makes products more useful, allowing the user to be more effective, leading to greater satisfaction and, frankly, happiness. This market expectation means that design is no longer optional; it is required for success


You probably asked yourself why do certain companies choose certain colors to represent their brand? It is proven that certain colours have certain meaning. Did you know that white is the universal colour of peace and purity? Red on the other hand is intense and can bring strong emotions ranging from warfare to love and passion. It is used in logo design to grip the viewer’s attention and has been known to raise blood pressure or make people hungry. Choosing the right colour for your logo is as crucial as choosing the right location. It can attract new customer or keep them away. When well chosen, it can promote retention and improve your brand image. A consistent colour scheme in all your communications helps your clients remember YOU and not your competition.  Put colour to work in your business and take advantage of its power.

Four key aspects to Design:
Flexibility, Effectiveness, Learning and Transparency.

  • Flexibility is a must because every project is different. We adapt the design to your goal from start to finish, ensuring we satisfy you.
  • In today’s economy, everyone must be effective. That means the creative team as well. It also means rapidly developing a concept prototype for presentation.
  • A learning environment is essential. Successful projects are often attained once the team members have an understanding of your business and your specific needs.
  • Transparency means that we let you access the creative team and communicate effectively with you.

We always communicate expectations, timelines and costs ahead of time, ensuring that every detail is crystal clear.  Take the advice of the experts: Do your planning up front, communicate clearly and often, learn from past mistakes and make Studio Lettrage your parter on your next project.

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